Herbal Medicine Articles

Nimble Heart, Revisited

One of the unexpected lessons I’ve received in the past few years could be summed up like this: “Be careful what you claim to teach.”  When my life seemed to be burning down around...

Balancing Intuition and Tradition

Intuition is more like skill than magic. Just like someone who is born with a gift for music, using your intuition with excellence and precision requires practice. It’s dangerous to believe...

Comfort Zones, Permission, and The Law

Today’s class is about finding right relationship with comfort. Without risk and daring, growth is impossible. And when facing a deep challenge, safety really matters. When is it time to take...

Placebo, Magic, and Questions of Ethics

It happens to every herbalist I know. A client starts doing much better after starting her herbs. As she describes the improvements there’s a noticeable sense of relief in her voice. Then she...

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