What can you learn from looking at your tongue?

The first step in my process is a Tongue Reading & Assessment Session. 

Tongue reading is a very useful tool from Chinese Medicine that can give you insight into the underlying patterns of balance and imbalance in your body. Unlike a medical diagnosis that tells you what’s wrong with you, tongue analysis tells you about the underlying reasons why you’re experiencing imbalances. It’s also very helpful for making connections between seemingly unrelated issues.

Including a tongue reading in our initial session does a few important things:

This initial session is also a chance for you to ask questions and get to know me. We’ll take a look at your situation together to get a sense of what kinds of support will be the most nourishing, transformative, and powerful. And if you decide that you do want to continue your journey with me, I’ll credit the session fee toward the program of your choice.

Here’s what to expect during your Tongue Reading & Assessment:

  • I’ll explain a little bit of the theory behind the practice of tongue reading and give you a chance to ask questions.
  • One by one, I’ll explain all of the signs that I see in your tongue photo and what they mean. You’ll be looking at the photo at the same time so that you can learn to recognize the signs that I’m describing. Since your tongue will change as your health changes, I’ll show you what to look for to gauge your progress in the future.
  • After I complete the reading, you’ll tell me about what you’ve been experiencing that led you to reach out to me. This is the time for me to listen to your story. I’ll also make sure to ask you if there were any parts of the reading that didn’t make sense or were inaccurate.
  • Based on your tongue reading and everything you share with me during the session, I’ll make a recommendation about our next steps. This could include a referral to another practitioner, a plan for how we could work together, or both.
  • After the session, you’ll have all the information you need to decide what to do next in order to reach your goals.

To book your session, click here to access my scheduling system.

After you register, make sure to complete the questionnaire (it will arrive via email) and let me know whether to expect you by phone or Skype.

Looking at your tongue helps me to gauge how deep-rooted the patterns of imbalance are and predict how much time we will need to shift them. It’s also chance for me to teach you a new self-care tool.


It allows me to get a sense of your situation without asking you to give me a complete health history before we’ve decided to commit to an herbal program.


This protects you from needing to share all of your personal health information with me until you’ve had a chance to meet me.

Important: tongue reading is NOT a substitute for a medical diagnosis!

I’m continually surprised by how much Melanie is able to glean about my physical and mental health just by taking a look at my tongue.

It can leave you feeling a little vulnerable at first, the idea of sending a picture or sticking out your tongue in person for someone to examine. Melanie’s a professional, and she never judges. Once you get to hear all that she’s able to figure out, it is worth it.

~ Emma Fischer

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

The initial session is $97.

Since every client’s program is different, I prepare a personalized Program Agreement for everyone I work with and my fee varies depending on the scope of the work. Sliding scale arrangements are available for people who cannot afford my full fee.

Do you accept insurance?

No. Unfortunately, herbal medicine is not reimbursed by any health insurance carriers at this time. If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA), it’s possible that our work together might qualify for reimbursement through your plan, but you need to inquire directly with your HSA administrator to find out.

Do you work with people who are on medications?

Yes. Many of my clients take medication that they’ve found very helpful or even life saving, and we structure the herbal work to ensure that all of the herbs we use are safe to take concurrently with their medicines. Other clients have been taking a certain medication for some time and have a desire to be able to discontinue it without any recurrence of their health problems. In these cases, I work to strengthen the body with the knowledge that their doctors will adjust or remove their medicines if/when they are no longer needed. Important: I do not advise clients on their prescription medications. It’s vital that you maintain a good relationship with your prescribing physician and/or your pharmacist.

Do you work with cancer patients?

It depends. Once the cancer is in remission, yes. When his/her oncologist supports adding herbal medicine to the protocol, I might also work with a cancer patient after their medical and surgical treatments are complete. In rare circumstances, I might also work to support mental health in someone with cancer as long as she is receiving separate treatment for the cancer itself.

Do you work with children?

No. I work with adults age 18+

Do you work with men?

Yes! Most of my clients are women, but my practice is open to people of all genders.

I want to get off of a medication I’m currently taking. Can you help with that?

The only person who can legally and safely take you off of a prescription medication is a licensed physician. I never suggest that my clients decrease or discontinue their prescribed medications. Instead, our work will help to bring your body and your lifestyle into a state of balance and vitality while avoiding any possible herb/drug interactions while you’re still taking your prescribed medications. Over time, your health may improve to the point that your doctor decides that you no longer need the medication or that you can reduce your dose. When that happens, you and your doctor can adjust your medicine as needed.

Getting Started: Tongue Reading & Assessment Session

Click on the link below to make an appointment through my scheduling software. The session fee is $97 and your payment will be processed through PayPal to keep your information safe. After you book your appointment, follow the instructions in your confirmation email to submit photographs of your tongue before our session.



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