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It’s a deeply insightful, customized approach to wellness that responds to your whole self and meets you exactly where you are.

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I’m Melanie and you’ve arrived at the front door of my complementary medicine practice. I specialize in herbal medicine for women’s health and mental health. Through this website, you can access a wide range of resources including both in-person and distance (phone/FaceTime/Skype) appointments.

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Articles & Inspiration

Wisdom of the Trees: Learning How to Let Go

The shift from Summer to Fall is one of the most challenging seasonal transitions for humans to make. According to Chinese Five Element Theory, Fall is associated with the Metal element. The Lungs and Large Intestine, the immune system, and the emotion of...

“What if my body won’t change…?”

In my first semester of college, one of my acting teachers uttered a phrase that literally struck terror into my heart. “Your grade in this class will be based on whether or not your body noticeably changes.” My immediate reflex was to clench....

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