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I’m Melanie and you’ve arrived at the front door of my complementary medicine practice. I specialize in herbal medicine for women’s health and mental health. Through this website, you can access a wide range of resources including both in-person and distance (phone/FaceTime/Skype) appointments.

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Articles & Inspiration

Comfort Zones, Permission, and The Law

Today’s class is about finding right relationship with comfort. Without risk and daring, growth is impossible. And when facing a deep challenge, safety really matters. When is it time to take a risk? Get your pad and paper ready because we’re...

Placebo, Magic, and Questions of Ethics

It happens to every herbalist I know. A client starts doing much better after starting her herbs. As she describes the improvements there’s a noticeable sense of relief in her voice. Then she stops. “Of course, it might just be a placebo...

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