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I’m Melanie and you’ve arrived at the front door of my complementary medicine practice. I specialize in herbal medicine for women’s health and mental health. Through this website, you can access a wide range of resources including both in-person and distance (phone/FaceTime/Skype) appointments.

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Articles & Inspiration

Nimble Heart, Revisited

One of the unexpected lessons I’ve received in the past few years could be summed up like this: “Be careful what you claim to teach.”  When my life seemed to be burning down around me this time last year, I found myself thinking about all...

Which herbs are good for thyroid problems?

  The hardest questions I get sound something like this: What herbs are good for __{insert health condition}___? Herbalists hate this question because we can’t answer it. (Herbs don’t work this way. If I want a formula to work, I have to...

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